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Apricot is a creative amalgamation of photo, text and music

We who make up Aspriket are Helena Timeus and Daniel Grönberg. Let's tell you about Aspriket and a little about how it all started.



We mainly photograph nature in our hometown Aspeboda, Dalarna, but the pictures are about so much more than the subject - they are about capturing a feeling, about the details and grandeur of life, about the moods of life. We shoot and edit everything ourselves and can shoot on assignment if this is requested.

We sell our images both in paper format and digitally. We are available at bothInstagramandFacebookunder the name Aspriket - welcome to follow us there to stay up-to-date on everything new to come.



Our music is also written and produced entirely by us. In our music making, we call ourselvesGrains of Salt and is also available on Spotifyunder the same name. Read more on ourmusic page.



The texts that can be found both on our website, on both our Instagram and Facebook accounts can be described as the putty that holds the whole together.





One day in March 2017, the world changed for two people. Two people's fates intertwined and so did their creativity. Years of photography, music making and other creative expressions on each side were merged and took a new form. Took new twists and turns. From this Aspriket was born. 


Growing up in Dalarna with nature behind the childhood home where many hours were spent on foot and on horseback. The interest in photography and text came already as a child and was deepened as a young adult through a journalism education at Kaggeholm Folkhögskola in Ekerö. Music was in the home from childhood and has continued to brighten her life through all phases of life both in private and in front of an audience.

​Life took her on to university education, many years of work in social services and three exuberant children. During intense early childhood years, she wrote about her life as a mother of three and a parent of twins, as well as her exhaustion syndrome, via her own blog and co-authored two books with devotions and reflections for mothers. Here on the website is Aspriket's blog where Helena posts her texts and there are also posts from her old blog. Welcome in and read, it's over180 views  about the various ups and downs of everyday life.

Asparagus is born

Here's a little video about what you'll find  on the website.


An Arboga boy who through life's detours ended up in Dalarna. Music has marked his life through his own burning interest and education at Liljeholmen folk high school, which led to a job producing music for artists and writing his own music. The interest in music led to a career in sound technology in radio and TV productions. Hiking in the mountain world and working hands-on with carpentry and nature has been his way of recovery, but has also led to an increasing interest in photography and creation. With his son as the most important thing in his life, he has prioritized a quieter life and less itinerant work as a hearing technician at Falu Hospital.

As single people with children on each side, Helena and Daniel found each other in the spring of 2017 and this was the beginning of a new and shared life story. The first four years together they lived in Aspeboda, a small village between Falun and Borlänge where nature is the closest neighbor. With respective backgrounds in photography, music, writing and creation, a merging of their thoughts and inspiration became a new source of power, which quickly created a common vision and longing for both of them. The desire to devote more time to their creative expressions and create something new and common. Inspired by Aspeboda's wealth of beautiful nature, the name also fell into place. 


Asparagus was now born.

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