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Welcome to step into our world of thoughts, fine and ugly, dressed with music, as life itself.


We release our music under the name Grains of Salt. We are the same people who make up Aspriket, Helena Timeus and Daniel Grönberg, but with Grains of Salt, the music is at the center. Welcome to step into our world of musings. Dressed with music, like life itself, like shy birds, like the gravel in the shoes, the boredom, the sun on the cheek, the beloved, the laughter, the deep hole.


Our music is a fusion of both our musical meeting, our two voices and of different music styles such as show/pop/acoustic. We write, sing and produce all our music ourselves, unless otherwise stated. 

   Writing music about life is a way for us to deal with it. Sometimes when you manage to capture the feeling and thought with text and music, it becomes a little easier and more comprehensible. To understand, to accept, to put up with - and to rejoice.


Music is the carrier of all emotions. Even those who don't allow themselves to be captured by words. Life is always lived, but best with a pinch of salt. In the small grain of salt we can sometimes find clues about what we experience as truth, hope and faith. Read more about us as people and how everything with Aspriket and Grains of Salt started on the page About us.

Here on the website you will find our music, both current releases and previous songs in our library. We are also available Instagram and Facebook  under the name Grains of Salt.

Here below you can always see the latest we have released. If you want to listen to our previous songs, click on the button Music library or if you want to see us sing and play acoustically at home in our conservatory, click on Live videos.

Grains of Salt


We feel so incredibly honored that P4 Dalarna named us artists of the week last year, week 50. Listen to the EP below!


The EP

In the light of Winter

AfterlightImage 15.JPG

It started with Advent carol in November 2020 to Shadow Play for three days before Christmas ~ and Fairytale of Crystals and Unsaid Words in between. It was nice to count down to Christmas with you!

It was an intense month for us at Grains of Salt, we were so happy and grateful for the great response we received. Thank you so much!


All four songs collected on the EP In the light of Winter and are available on Spotify.


So welcome to our music via the link below. Perhaps it can contribute to some company and a bit of light in the winter.


Listen and watch one of our songs - and feel a breath of summer...

The summer moment, so fleeting, like a fluttering leaf in the wind.
But when it´s here, it´s infinitely lovely.

- I was afraid of everything.

I was afraid to be loved, afraid to be hated, afraid to love, afraid to live and afraid to die even though sometimes those were the only things I wanted.


The songThat we have each other, is about Elin and her journey back to life. What is in the introduction are her own words, about how she felt for a long period during her teenage years and as a young adult. She had no faith in the future, she saw no possible way to go. At least not alone.


Then one day she was no longer alone. 


The song is about the meaning of having someone by your side, who takes you for who you are, with all that that means. Both the beautiful and the ugly. Both the sparkling and the broken. And how it is then possible to cope with one's own struggle, thanks to knowing that that person is there, with an open heart. 


When Elin got Micke by her side, with security and love, the undemanding and self-evident, she found a will and strength to fight. To survive. Choosing life. Face your demons. Start healing. Find new ways. And finally. Start living again. Live what is life.

That life continued, with Elin and Micke getting married in 2017. The song Att vi har varann was written for their wedding by us in Grains of Salt (Daniel is Elin's older brother). Elin and Micke got married at home on their farm, where they live their lives with their cows and milk production. Since then, they have also had two small children, Pontus and Ronja. Life continues to challenge them, sometimes hard. But in every step of the journey they have each other. 


That we have each otheris no ordinary love song. It's a song about having someone to fight your battles with. About becoming strong together, not by sucking power from each other - but by loving each other - just as you are.

“And I know we want to and I know we can

and we are now traveling towards a  new country

Because nothing is impossible for us

And what does what is said and heard

all that waiting outside

Because now we know that, that we have each other."

Please share as comfort and inspiration for people who may be in similar situations. 


Listen to the song on Spotify!

Text by Helena Timeus

The song was released on 2020-10-17

DOUBLE SINGLEreleased spring 2020

GRAINS OF HOPE​ we released on Spotify 8 January 2020.  It's about the fragile hope.
We humans only live an earthly life. We all know that it will end at some point, but we relate to it in very different ways. Some run away from the thought. Others are afraid. Many are so busy that they forget there is an end. But no one is unmoved by this fact. We have to relate to it, whether we like it or not. It is the prerequisite for life, that death exists. 
"Touch of the maker" and "Allt är klar" on the double single Grains of Hope explore thoughts around the inevitable. We have no answers or truths. We are small and afraid of the big and unknown, just like everyone else.   
But we also sense that there is hope. That​ even if we don't know how, or who, or why, there is something. What form hope takes we only know ourselves, secretly within ourselves, each one of us.
Someone's hope might take the form of a long-awaited friend, someone else might see a garden, a power, a flower, a light, a peaceful nothingness or perhaps  bb3b-136bad5cf58d_a bird with wide wings.
There is no right or wrong. There is only a little hope.
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