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An excerpt from the post
"The internal traffic chaos" from July 27, 2016

" In my interior there is a surly crowd. I want so much to fit so much. The threshold of my consciousness is low. I take in most everything that comes my way.


There is often traffic chaos. Flashing road worker lights and redirecting traffic. I reconsider, process and analyze. All thoughts are connected with feelings and there is often flooding in the traffic chaos. I try to maneuver forward towards contentment and joy, every day, in my churning sea of conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings.


Because sometimes you get to experience the most beautiful places when you drive off on the wrong exit. It might create some extra work and require extra time and effort. But you have seen more. Experienced more.


Things. People. Emotions. One would otherwise never have seen.Experiences you would have been a poorer person without." 


Helena Timaeus,

blog writer

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