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kyrkans Ljus
What is comfort when grief is greatest?

Some time ago, Grains of Salt were commissioned to sing at a funeral. We think it is the best assignment we can get. To be able to contribute with music in people's heaviest moments. Because what can take away the pain of losing someone you love?

Absolutely nothing.


Nothing can take away the pain, but you can find some comfort. Music has the wonderful ability to reach a grieving heart and keep it company in the darkest moment. Music reaches out when we ourselves don't know how to express ourselves. When we are drowning in emotions and our own words have run out.

We were asked by the immediate family to perform Slugger by Ulf Lundell, Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton and our own song Hjärtat verdin verdin. It was a quiet and heartfelt funeral service that touched us deeply even though we did not know the deceased.

Afterwards, one of the closest mourners asked if we would consider making a recording of the songs so that the person could have access to them, in the way we performed them. In this way, grief can find a peaceful place together with the songs that help to remember the deceased with closeness and love.

About a week after the funeral, I (Helena), Daniel and our cocker spaniel puppy Elton went to our summer cottage for rest and recovery.

The cabin is a small herbre located by a pond in Hälsingland and was bought by my grandmother and grandfather over 70 years ago. There is an attic floor with a view of the water and Allerstidningar from the 50s. There we set up a mic, took out the guitar and recorded the songs in one take. Elton also contributed by chewing on a paper plate and licking our toes while we kept the pace.

Below, the recordings of the songs are put together in sequence in a film with a slide show from the recording environment in the summer cottage.

From Slugger

“Anyone who lives here can perish from hunger, from thirst.

Here begins a new road where an old one ends, you are free.

Every day the clouds come in over the roofs and sail away to the east.

I follow them with my eyes, their magical escape


I am free."

SPRING     cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   EMPTY!

When corona is raging freely and makes it difficult for us to meet - what is better than recording live videos? In this way we integrate  with you who listen to our music and at the same time keep us at a safe distance. Below you will find videos with four new songs - quick replay - and presentation of which song YOU voted for!

If you want to see how the discussions around the songs or for updates about our music, welcome toGrains of Salt Facebook page!

Presentation of 4 new songs

The quick replay

The winning song

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