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Two trees
who want to continue to grow
towards the sky together

Invites you to the wedding
Saturday, August 6, 2022 
at 12.00 in Vika church, Falun

At 17.00 wedding party 
in our garden 

   Fri klädsel       _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  OSA  July 1




Helena Timeus 
Daniel Grönberg

I know you were a tree my friend
I know then you would be a birch
and the white trunk would shine then
against the silent forest, dense and dark
your crown full of light and birdsong
with dancing branches
in the warm summer wind
I would stand there then,
under the rustle of leaves
andlay my cheek against your trunk

I know if you were a tree my friend it I see it as a mind game
if you gotgrow really close to mestrong and faithful as an oak
and when Istretched my root against yours in secret although we were separated
to both color and shape
could you shade me if the sun burned hot

and protect you against every storm
we couldgrow up towards the sky
we could compete like a game

as if you were a birch my friend
as if I were an old oak tree

Two trees

A song by Toni Holgersson performed and interpreted by Helena and Daniel. If you want to listen to just the song, click the audio player just below.
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Två träd

A warm welcome to the wedding!

Finally we are getting married!

Here comes some practical good-to-have information!

Unusual times

Based on the fact that we are in the third year of the pandemic and we have learned that circumstances can change quickly, we have decided to arrange our wedding with the following arrangement:

The wedding dinner after the wedding with seated tables is organized for the closest people. This is to gain height in case there is a possible new wave of infection. But we really want to share this day with so many more people than that! That's why we invite you towedding partyfrom 5 p.mso that we have the opportunity to invite your dear friends and family at the same time arrange it as safely as possible for all guests!

RSVP to us no later than 1/7 in any way, verbally, via Messenger or why not email, or call/text Helena 073-5088664 or Daniel 070-546 21 91.

Performance of speeches or the like

Of course, it is fine to give a speech or, for example, sing a song, even though we will not have traditional seated tables.

During the party, there will be music and if you want to give a speech, play something or do something else - please let us know when you register for the wedding, and we will pass this on to our toastmasters. There will be access to a mic and some instruments, if something comes up in the mood of the moment, that is also of course welcome! 

The party

The party begins with the serving of the wedding cake. Please let us know when registering if you have any allergies! We will offer snacks and soft drinks, it will be possible to buy alcoholic beverages at cost price. 

Later in the evening we grill some sausages for hungry wedding guests.

The party will take place in the garden, so it might be good to bring some warmer clothes if it gets cooler towards the evening.

We also want to make it clear that the whole family is warmly welcome at the party, both children and any pets who are ill at society. There is access to a swimming area (about a kilometer away) if warm little and big guests want to take a dip in between! 

For those of you who have the opportunity, feel free to take a folding chair, such as camping chairs.



Residents can each make arrangements on their own, but if you want tips on hotels, hostels or camping, check out ask us!

For those of you who have not been at our home, it may be good to know that we live only about three kilometers from the center, in the northern part of Falun. Our address is Nedre Jungfruberget 13, 791 38 Falun.Lugnet's campsite is only a couple of kilometers away if you want to pitch a tent, rent a cabin (do so in good time!) or come with a caravan.

We will update this page continuously, so feel free to come in and check the page several times!

We are so incredibly happy that you want to come and celebrate with us!

Very warm welcome!


Helena and Daniel

  Question? Suggestions? Festive idea? Peaceful cheering?  

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